Saturday, October 11, 2008

Qin Rigang

Qin Rigang ,born in Guangxi, eminent military leader of the Taiping Rebellion, and known during his military tenure as the King of Yen (means swallow. He served loyally under Hong Xiuquan's Taiping Administration, led Taiping forces to many military victories attacked toward west and north. He was executed by Hong Xiuquan in 1856 because he kill Yang Xiuqing in inner struggle ,Qin is the most important general for early-Taiping Rebellion, the military ability of Chen Yucheng and Li Xiucheng were trained and teached by Qin that could say.


Qin Rigang very excellent goot at Mobile Warfare and the blitz even could praised a Master with these.

Battle of Nanjing

In march 10 1853,Occupied Nanjing with Yang Xiuqing.

Second occupied Wuhan

In 1855

Kill Governor Jeer Hungar

In May 1856

First rout the Army Group Jiangnan

The Jiangnan DaYing were Qing military encircle the Nanjing in strategy, It has two times, the first encircle that Qing military putin 80,000 soldiers from March 1853, but it had been routed by Qin Rigang led Li Xiucheng in May 1856, he defeated the Imperial Inspector Minister Xiang Rong and forced him suicide.


Tianjing's struggle Incident

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